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If you’re like 84% of consumers, you trust a human being more than all other forms of advertising. That should help you understand why 51% of people say they actually do rely on recommendations from influencers before making purchase decisions. 

So who are the influencers for your brand? 

Because let’s face it, the old way of communicating your brand message doesn’t work anymore. Too many DVRs. Too many mediums. Too many stations. Too many cookie blockers. Too many consumers who don’t believe in corporate advertising. 

So how does a brand break through?

At Maxletics, we learn about your brand and then contextually attach a group of elite athletes – an Athlete Cluster™ – to be your branded team. We educate them about your product or service and they then incorporate it into their athlete-based lifestyle. 

Then they post amazing original content supporting your brand. And they do it multiple times over all key social media platforms over multiple months. The result is a high-impact campaign with hundreds of pieces of original content aimed at millions of active followers resulting in increased purchase intent and increase Net Promoter® scores.  And we prove it works by dashboarding the whole process and measuring it.

Self-reported ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) results from our programs have ranged from 4X to 10X. And it’s no surprise. In a quantitative survey, our Athlete Clusters were proven to be four times more impactful against purchase intent versus single celebrity branding strategies. 

Times Return on Ad Spend

Active Followers


of influenced consumers Buy Again

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Contextual athlete sourcing



Contracting of athletes

Execution and compliance

Athlete Onboarding

Activity measurement



New athletes in any sport at any time

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