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Athletes competing at the highest levels of sport appreciate one thing: it’s expensive. The cost of travel, equipment, coaching and training is rising at such a fast pace that some of the best athletes in the world simply stop competing as a result. And this happens in dozens of sanctioned sports from the Olympics to Pro Rodeo to CrossFit to World Surf League. 

Maxletics has a solution. 

First, unlike old-fashioned sports agents, we never charge an athlete up front for anything. Ever.  

Second, unlike legacy agents we also don’t require that we represent you exclusively. We bring you projects as they occur and if you want to participate in the project, you simply opt in. There’s no long term commitment to an unproven agent and we’re inspired and incentivized to make it work for you so we get to do it again in the future! 

Third, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind platform which makes it easy for athletes to use their social media followers on behalf of great brands in order to gain resources and cash. Our projects typically take less than two hours to complete over a multi-month timeframe, allowing athletes the time they need to train. 

Finally, Maxletics is here to help you grow your follower base. Once you sign up, the Maxletics Athlete Insight Series™ will arrive in your email inbox twice a month with quick, efficient tips on how to build your personal brand online. And more followers and more engagement equals more money. 

Does it work? We’ve helped athletes go from a few thousand followers to over a 100,000 followers in less than a year and we’ve raised millions of dollars for the athletes on our platform. As a result, we’re the #1 influential sports agency in the country when it comes to getting athletes cash value when they influentially help great brands. 

Sign up today for free and see how easy it is to become a paid influencer! 

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Raise Money

Maxletics is the most efficient way for an elite athlete to raise money. In exchange for a preset number of social media posts supporting a brand, you’ll get paid. This takes the least amount of time out of your day and focuses on you using your phone to take care of business. Literally. So you can get your social media commitments done quicky and get back to training to be great! 

BRAND Influencer

You’ll learn how to become a paid athlete influencer when you work with us. We educate you on the products and services you promote and we help you understand how to use social media to build both your brand and the sponsor’s brand at the same time. The best part is that while you’re supporting brands, they’re also supporting you as one of their team members. This means a huge boost in followers which makes you worth more on the next project! Athletes average a 16% increase in followers when they’re in a Maxletics project. Everybody wins!

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