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Work with us to to become a paid athlete influencer. We educate you on the products and services you promote and we help you understand how to use social media to build both your brand and the sponsor brand at the same time. The best part is that while you’re supporting brands, they’re also supporting you as one of their team members. This means a huge boost in followers which makes you worth more on the next project! Athletes average a 13% increase in followers when they’re in a Maxletics-driven project.

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What brand doesn’t want to be authentic, believable and genuine?
What brand doesn’t need a higher net promoter score?
What brand doesn’t want 37% higher repeat purchase rates?
Enter Maxletics.

We’re located minutes from the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and we’re the #1 influential sports agency in the U.S. with over 600 current and retired Olympians out of 1,400 total elite athletes on our platform. Their ultra-passionate social media following exceeds 55 million fanatics!

We have record-breaking athletes from 27 countries who participate in sanctioned sports like the Olympics®, Paralympics®, X Games®, BMX®, Pro Bull Riders®, World Surf League®, USA Mountain Running Association® and others. These athletes range in age between 16 and 55, providing creative versatility and tight context for outstanding brand linkage.

For maximum impact, our Athletes Clusters™ – an organized group of athletes – authenticate and humanize brands like no other advertising medium else can. And we have them on a measurable, technology-enabled managed services platform that makes it super easy to activate your own team so you can economically create more authenticity, buying intent and higher Net Promoter Scores. Your team of athlete influencers will walk your talk into an eco-system comprised of world-class athletes and active, engaged, followers who love sports products, healthy food and drinks, travel and tourism, health and beauty products, merchant brands and active lifestyles.

And beyond that, we move fast. Need a quick add-on to an influential play? We can get our athletes engaged within 48 hours. We’ll have that RFP back to you the same day. Our tech-driven system makes activation easy – so you can get back to your other branding issues. Because when it’s time to influence consumer behavior, time is money.



Thanks to our latest technology and great relationships, we now have over 1,400 athletes using the Maxletics platform to get the resources they need to compete at the highest levels of sport. Our own study showed that if an athlete needs to “work” outside of training for more than 15 hours a week, their ability to compete declines. It’s much easier to use social media for an hour a day – all you need is a smart phone – in order to get a jump on the resources you need. That’s how Maxletics rolls! We get you the cash value for your social media following like nobody else can – and you never pay a penny up front.

By making yourself available to brands who want to use your social media influence – as well as pushing your own crowdfunding site provided for free by Maxletics – you can join athletes who have raised thousands of dollars to offset their training and participation costs.

A key part of our platform involves helping each athlete build their own personal brand along the way. As we like to say, “your followers are currency!” As an influential athlete, building a larger base of followers means more impact for brands and more money for you! We’re here to help and when you sign up for Maxletics – you never pay anything upfront – The Maxletics Elite Athlete Insight Series™ will be provided on a monthly basis with fantastic tips on how to use social media to build your own brand.

Remember, once you’re an elite athlete, you’ll always be an elite athlete! The first step for being a major influencer and thought leader is in place as a result. Now the real question is are you going to take the second step to easily leverage your opportunity – or not?


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Influential Marketing Spend Doubles for Brands to $2.5 Billion








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They Get It

“We needed a group of influencers to show the world how comfortable our athletic underwear is. And Maxletics delivered. It was well measured and 100% results driven. They take you into an athletic ecosystem that nobody has ever been able to economically enter.” Robert Patton

CEO, Sheath Athletic Underwear

“We needed influence. Maxletics created a group of two dozen athletes who brought it to us in spades. And as an ex-Olympian, I love how it helped all of these athletes in the process.” Erik Vendt

Director of Business Development, Whoop and Olympic Gold Medalist

“It’s such a great combination of athletes doing what they do best and brands doing what they do best. Everybody wins. Maxletics has positively impacted my ability to be elite – both in my sport of Modern Pentathlon and in my ability to influence on behalf of great brands like Sheath Underwear.” Logan Storie

Olympic Hopeful - USA Pentathlon

“I’m finally getting rewarded for the following that I’ve built. And the small investment of time still leaves me plenty of time to train towards a medal, all while my personal brand improves everyday!” Adeline Gray

USA Olympian Wrestler

“These guys brought an impactful cluster of athletes to us who told our story better than we could have ourselves!”


  John Linderman

Chief Marketing Office, Froozer

“These guys have found an issue which has plagued athletes for decades. They’re a god send. If you need the time to compete to be great, but still need resources, these are your guys. Bravo for this technology.” Dan O’Brien

Gold Medal Olympian Decathlete

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