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14 Ways to Build Your Social Media Followers 


Thanks to technology and great relationships, we now have hundreds of athletes using the Maxletics platform to get the resources they need to compete at the elite level. By making themselves available to brands who want to use their influence, as well as pushing their own crowdfunding site provided for free by Maxletics, our athletes have raised as much as $50,000 each to offset their training and participation costs.

A key part of our platform involves helping each athlete build their own personal brand along the way. As we like to say, “your followers are currency!” As an influential athlete, building a larger base of followers means more impact for brands and more money for you! The first simple rule of the road? Grow your followers daily. While we want to save you time at Maxletics so you can focus on training (not working an extra job or wasting time on promotional activities which don’t pay you anything), there is no replacement for spending 45 minutes to an hour a day to grow your followers. The return on your time investment should make it one of the most important things you do each day.

Too many times athletes wait until their playing days are over before they realize they missed a golden opportunity to build their brand while the spotlight was on their athletic activities. Appreciating that these retired athletes have fantastic histories and stories to tell, this lack of brand building short-circuits the ability to leverage their own brand, post-career. Call it an opportunity missed. Remember, “once you’re an Olympian, you’ll always be an Olympian!” The prerequisite to being a major influencer and thought leader is in place as a result. Now the real question is, “are you going to leverage your opportunity or not?”


First Things First

Many of you have a few thousand followers and are anxious to add more followers – NOW! Can we suggest some simple next steps?


1. Settle on your platforms. We suggest their importance in this order, based on engagement and value to advertisers:


  1. Instagram: pictures and vids / most engaging
  2. Facebook; tried and true / largest platform
  3. Twitter; happening place / more about brand building


2. Set up Instagram so that it automatically feeds into Facebook.

Here’s how:


3. Set up Twitter so that it automatically feeds into Facebook.

Here’s how:


4. For Facebook, to get past the limit of 5,000 ‘followers’, you want to have unlimited numbers able to follow you as ‘fans’. This means you have to create a profiled page beyond your personal page. You can do that quite easily here:


5. Fill out your profile completely – including photography – on each of the social networks.


6. Invite all your friends to your page. That means everybody.


7. Add your new social media profiles to your email signature. Write an awesome bio with one or two select keywords or hashtags.


8. Add the URLs of your social sites to your homepage if you have one. Each one has a bunch of buttons and widgets that you can add to your site. It’s pretty easy!


9. Add your location. This is great for getting found via search and geographic tools.


10. Follow relevant accounts. This is a huge way to build followers. If I’m an Olympian, I’m searching “Olympian” and following every Olympian I know. I’m guessing they’ll follow you back!


11. Post great content! Show off your training center. Show cool new gadgets you’re using. Show off the countries you’re visiting. Post great content and you’ll have people sharing it before you know it. And videos are better than photographs are better than just words.


12. Share, share, share. We like to say “keep it in the lane”, suggesting you keep it semi-related to sports, Olympics, athleticism, etc. Find articles that support your position as an athlete which others might find helpful!


13. Be positive. There is a correlation between positive posters and the growth in followers. There is a negative correlation between negative posters and losing followers. Try to stay away from polarizing subject matter. Politics and religion are no-go areas!


14. Be consistent. Don’t go dormant for a month. Brands will dismiss you as an influencer. The opposite is also true: be active and brands will notice your passion. Think of your time on social media as a daily occurrence like shaving or taking a run! Get in the habit of scheduling it, working it and benefitting from it daily.


Let’s get the basics down pat and then we can help you with additional tips which you can simply add on! Getting your foundation in place for the three primary social networks is critical to having success in the future.

Next time we’ll dive a bit deeper into Instagram to help you understand how to attract more followers quickly!

Athletes First!

Jan Horsfall, CEO, Maxletics Corporation

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